Idlesmith.COM | I’ve heard many people tell me,’you read too much! Go work!’ Which leads me to this question: does reading books mean you’re idling?

I got it. I got it. We need to make time to read books. You have your free time, you sit on the couch, tuck yourself under a thick blanket and start reading book, with a mug of hot chocolate on the table. I got it. Reading books can be considered an idle activity. You sit there for hours doing nothing. But let’s face it: we’re there in the couch, but we’re somewhere else! We’re in another world, another life.

So, if reading books means idling, let’s idle correctly! On here, I’ll discuss about the books I’ve read, but also Netflix movies, and cozy places to go for book lovers.

Lezen is net dromen met beide ogen. Ik bevind me dan in een andere wereld alsof ik een tijdreiziger ben.

physical vs digital

I don’t hate physical books. In fact, I love it. But in term of smelling the pages, touching the nice covers with my hands. Books distract me. I keep looking at how thick I have read or how thick I must still read. The thickness of it overwhelms me. Hence, I prefer an e-reader. Not only I can bring ten thick books in one device, but I like to read in the dark, at night when everything is silent and everyone is sleeping.
Whatever works. As long as you do read it, not just filling your bookshelf with books, right? 😉