Bring Me Back – B. A. Paris

Finn and Layla went on vacation, but only Finn went back to England. Where’s Layla? Finn didn’t murder her. He has told his story to the police, but it’s not the full truth. There are three parts in the book. The first part goes back and forth between past and present time. In the second part, the chapters are named, it told either Layla or Finn, according to the name in each chapter.

Finn and Harry were housemates. They met Layla in the city when she was looking for an inn to stay. But it was almost new year and Finn knew that all hotels and inns are fully booked so he and Harry invited her to stay at their house.

After Layla’s disappearance, Finn moved on with his life. He then lived together with Layla’s sister Ellen. But two months before they got married, they kept receiving a small Russian dolls which made Ellen think that Layla is still alive, as one of the Russian doll Ellen received had exactly the same paint spot as the doll she had lost when she and Layla were younger. Finn’s friend Thomas claimed to have seen Layla, but Finn wasn’t convinced as Layla has been disappeared for twelve years. And then Ellen also claimed to have seen her. Finn became paranoid when he received an email from Rudolph Hill. He suspected his ex Ruby to have sent it because Ruby likes dolphins and the name rhymes: RUby, DOLPHin. How the story ended you have to read the book.

Although the story kept me engage with what would happen next, I like this book the least. Especially in the last few chapters. It feels like the author has lost inspiration, or didn’t exactly know how to end the story. I simply don’t like the twist.

Bring Me Back
Page Count: 368
Finn and Layla: young and in love, their whole lives ahead of them. Driving back from a holiday in France one night, Finn pulls in to a service station, leaving Layla alone in the car. When he returns, minutes later, Layla has vanished, never to be seen again. That's the story Finn tells the police. It's the truth - but not the whole truth. Twelve years later, Finn has built a new life with Ellen,…