Change on my site

First of all, I hope you all stay healthy and safe during this Corona crisis. I myself have been very ill in this three months, but life’s doing better for me now.

A few months ago when I changed this site to a blog about books (it was meant for my 3D work, hence the URL name), I thought to write it in Dutch because most of the books I read are usually written in Dutch. But I’ve also been contemplating to write in a language that everyone can understand, a universal language that the world understands, which is English. I’m not a native Dutch speaker myself. I speak Indonesian, English and Dutch.

I like reading books, but I’m bad at doing reviews even though I like it. I hope I’ll improve. I’m also trying to keep you (who might be interested to read the books) interested in buying by not giving any spoilers about how the story ended. And if I don’t like the book, I’ll also explain why. I’ll be giving my honest comments.

Thanks for reading!