Sunday Morning Coming Down – Nicci French

Bruce Stringer, who tried to help Frieda to track Dean Reeve has been found dead in her own house. Frieda saw this as a personal message from Dean Reeve, telling her that it’s what she’d get when she tried to find him. Unlike previously, this time the police started to really believe her that Dean Reeve was still alive.

Chloë Klein, Frieda’s niece has been drugged and kidnapped. Poor Reuben McGill who already has been diagnosed with cancer got attacked at his own house. Morgan Rossiter, one of Frieda’s patients has been murdered and Frieda’s name was written on the wall of his apartment. Alexei Morozov, Josef’s son was kidnapped, but found a few hours later with a piece of Stringer’s ear in his pants’ pocket and a piece of paper,’this is me. Look somewhere else.’ Yvette Long disappeared out of sudden; She didn’t answer her phone, everything in her house was still intact until Karlsson found Frieda’s name written again in the living room.

Frieda has come into a conclusion that there’s another man who copied Dean Reeve. He is the same man who has kidnapped Chloe, attacked Reuben, and kidnapped Yvette. You’ll find out who the man is when you read the book 😉

After all, this is another good serie. I have enjoyed reading from the beginning to the end.

Sunday Morning Coming Down
Page Count: 416
Psychotherapist Frieda Klein has believed serial killer Dean Reeve escaped justice for years. Despite what the police say, she is convinced he's still alive. And finally she has the evidence. Because under her floor is the rotting corpse of an ex-policeman who she'd hired to hunt for Reeve. Now the police have to take her seriously. It's clear that whoever did this is very dangerous and must be found, but it's also clear that they're not finished with…