The Perfect Life – Nuala Ellwood

I’m lucky to be able to read it in exchange for a honest review. This is the first book of Nuala Ellwood that I’ve read.

It’s about Vanessa Addams who likes to take a look at expensive houses that are to sell. She uses fake names, occupation, and addresses to meet an impression that she fulfills the at least, minimum budget’s requirements. It was all for fun, until it’s not. Apparently, the owner of one of the houses she visited has been found dead and she was the last person to have met him. And to add more tense, he has been her favourite’s book author whose book has accompanied her through her childhood.

This is not exactly a thriller book. The chapters go back and forth between past and current time. I can’t say that this is a complete thriller because the story is written from the standpoint of Vanessa’s life, including her relationship with her boyfriend. Although the story has an easy flow and I couldn’t take the book down, it’s not on my reading recommendation list because there are things that don’t add up and I was expecting it to be a complete thriller.

However, I thank NetGalley and Penguin for giving me an arc of this book.

The Perfect Life
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